Perineal Reconstruction


Perineal Reconstruction

Noopur Gangopadhyay & Ida K. Fox
(a-b) A 44-year-old woman with recurrent vulvar cancer has just undergone wide local excision of tumor and now requires reconstruction.


  • Wide resection of perineal contents, including mons pubis, vulva, and clitoris.

  • Resection area extends to urethral and vaginal orifices.



  • Personal or family history of cancer.

  • Previous radiation treatment or exposure.

  • Previous urinary incontinence.

Physical examination

  • Evaluate surgical defect and classify as partial (anterior, lateral, posterior, upper two-thirds) or total loss of vagina.

  • Evaluate for dead space, hernias, fistulas, infection, devascularized tissue, regional lymphadenopathy; examine abdomen and lower extremities to assess possible reconstructive options.

  • Assess radiation effects to surrounding tissues.

Pertinent imaging or diagnostic studies

  • Assess transferrin, albumin, and prealbumin levels.

  • Computed tomography to evaluate nodal spread in the pelvis.

  • Positron emission tomography (PET) has improved sensitivity to detect small nodal metastasis.

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