Dermal Nevi

Dermal Nevi

Melissa Shive

Stephanie Martin

Gary P. Lask


Acquired melanocytic nevi are most frequently classified into 3 categories based upon their location in the skin: junctional, compound, or intradermal. Of these 3 types, intradermal nevi, also commonly referred to as dermal nevi, exist deepest in the skin in the papillary and reticular dermis.1 They are very common, present in about 25% of people.2 Age, race, anatomic location, and genetic factors are thought to affect the presence and appearance of nevi.3,4 Generally speaking, the number of acquired melanocytic nevi starts to increase in childhood, peaks by the third decade, and then starts to decrease thereafter.2,5,6


Patients present with a history of a recently acquired mole or growth that is often pigmented. The age of the patient may range from childhood to adulthood.

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