Case 25 Lower Eyelid Ectropion (Cicatricial)

Jason Chow and Michael E. Migliori

Case 25 Lower Eyelid Ectropion (Cicatricial)

Case 25 A 72-year-old male patient presents for evaluation of persistent tearing and ocular irritation of the left eye after Mohs surgery and reconstruction of the left lower eyelid.

25.1 Description

  • Cicatricial ectropion of the left lower eyelid: Evidence of previous Mustarde flap

    • Scarring of the anterior lamella

    • Loss of apposition of the eyelid and lower punctum to the eye

    • Tearing of the lower eyelid and conjunctival injection

  • Right side with senile (involutional) ectropion and scleral show (see Chapter 26)

25.2 Work-Up

25.2.1 History

  • History of ocular irritation, conjunctival infection (eye redness), keratopathy, epiphora (excessive tearing), ocular trauma, eye or eyelid surgery, or facial paralysis

  • Past medical history: History of inflammatory/rheumatic conditions, dermatitis, zoster, skin malignancy, or eyedrops

  • History of eyelid or facial surgery

25.2.2 Physical Examination

  • Evaluate the lower eyelid and assess for sites of scarring

    • Assess the mobility and adequacy of the lower eyelid skin

  • Snap back test for eyelid laxity

    • Pull lower eyelid down and away from globe

    • Observe length of time to return to original position

    • Ectropion is significant if:

      • Eyelid does not immediately snap back

      • Eyelid does not return to original position

  • Careful examination of the eyelid margin to evaluate for blepharitis, rosacea, and any inflammatory etiologies

    • Also evaluate for signs of eyelid malignancy such as loss of eyelashes (madarosis)

  • Assess orbicularis oculi strength

  • Bell’s phenomenon (palpebral oculogyric reflex)

    • Ask patient to close eyes while holding eyelids open

    • Observe for upward and outward movement of eye upon eye closing

    • This reflex protects the cornea when the eyes are closed

  • Schirmer’s test (Dry eye test):

    • Tetracaine drops are applied in eyes for numbing

    • Filter paper is placed in inferior fornix and eyes are closed for 5 minutes

    • Normal >15 mm

  • Slit lamp examination with fluorescein to evaluate for corneal epithelial disease

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