Adolescent Burned Breast Reconstruction

Adolescent Burned Breast Reconstruction

David A. Billmire

Kim A. Bjorklund


  • With the onset of puberty, the breast bud will begin to grow and expand the overlying skin acting much like a tissue expander.4

  • Any overlying scar can cause restriction and/or distortion of the maturing breast mound.

  • Additionally, full-thickness tissue loss from the burn injury surrounding the breast bud will cause additional loss in the eventual volume of the breast.

  • Complete loss of the breast bud itself will result in a smaller or absent breast.

  • Burn wounds may also result in the loss of the nipple areolar complex, despite the development of an acceptable breast mound.


  • Full-thickness and deep second-degree burn injuries to the female chest warrant special care in the acute burn wound and careful management in the subsequent time period prior to development of the breast.3,4,5

  • Care should be taken with axillary releases, especially when considering the use of Z-plasties. An inappropriately designed Z-plasty can unknowingly transpose the breast bud into the axilla.

  • As the breast develops, the amount of constriction and distortion will become apparent.

  • It is advisable to delay release/reconstruction until the breast has reached its full size.

  • Rarely, the release may be warranted prior to growth completion and will most likely need to be repeated.


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