Christopher G. Bunick

Amanda Zubek

Macrene Alexiades


Acrochorda (skin tag, fibroepithelial polyp, soft fibroma) are benign pedunculated lesions. They are extremely prevalent, particularly in overweight or obese patients. Acrochorda are more common in women and often develop during pregnancy. Acrochorda are almost always benign, although extremely rarely malignant tumors have been reported to develop within one, which raises controversy in whether to send acrochorda for histopathologic examination after removal. Treatment of acrochorda is straightforward; surgical or scissor removal is quite effective.


Patients present with multiple soft fleshy skin-colored-brown papules that are either pedunculated or more sessile.


The precise pathogenic mechanism of acrochorda is not known, but there is increased incidence among patients who are obese or have diabetes mellitus. Acrochorda have been linked with increased insulin resistance2 and metabolic syndrome.3,4

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Jun 29, 2020 | Posted by in Dermatology | Comments Off on Acrochorda

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