Transverse medial thigh lift

Chapter 34 Transverse medial thigh lift

Anatomical Considerations

Surgical Technique

Preparation and Positioning

The operation can be performed under general, spinal or local anesthesia with IV sedation, according to the patient’s needs and requirements. After anesthesia, the patient is placed supine on the operating table, legs are positioned on a gynecologic rest, abducted at 45 ° in the frog leg position. Pressure socks or compression devices are mandatory. Sterile stockinettes or drapes cover the lower leg to allow for positioning the thighs as requested for liposuction and skin resection.

The incision line should avoid the inguinal crease, where there is a major risk of impairment of the lymphatics.2,911 Our incision is vertical within the pubis, starting from below the hairline, medial to the groin crease, 3 to 4 cm away from the midline on either side. Another reason for a pubic positioning is that superficial dissection in the groin region to preserve lymphatic vessels will result in a very thin skin flap, which will not tolerate any tension. The incision is then extended vertically toward the pubic tubercle along the labia majora. If the amount of skin resection is major, it seems preferable, as advocated by Le Louarn,11 to extend the marking of the incision to the inner part of the buttock toward the ischial tuberosity and the anal margin. This is a superior incision line as opposed to the gluteal fold, as this area is very prone to hypertrophic and painful scarring and is technically difficult to correct.

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