Soft-Tissue Defect of the Hand


Soft-Tissue Defect of the Hand

David T. Tang
A 32-year-old right hand–dominant man sustained a through-and-through gunshot wound to the ulnar aspect of the right hand.


  • Ulnar hand soft-tissue defect secondary to acute gunshot trauma.

  • No vascular compromise distally.

  • Fractures of the fourth and fifth metacarpals.

  • Presumed injury to extensor (and possibly flexor) tendons of ring and small fingers.

  • Likely neurovascular injury to ulnar digits.



  • Age, gender, handedness, and occupation of the patient.

  • Timing and mechanism of soft-tissue deficit

    • Trauma: Associated injuries, underlying fractures, dislocations, neurovascular insult.

    • Infection: Nature of infection (bacterial, fungal, other); operative management to date (incision and drainage); antimicrobial medications; local versus systemic signs and symptoms.

    • Tumor ablation: Tumor pathology, margins, planned radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Previous injury or surgery of the hand in question.

  • Manual demands of daily living and overall lifestyle.

  • Past medical and surgical history.

  • Social history, including smoking status and substance abuse.

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