Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Minh-bao Le, David T. Tang & Susan E. Mackinnon
A 73-year-old right hand–dominant woman with a 6-month history of increasing numbness over the thumb and index finger of the right hand.


  • Findings consistent with median nerve distribution of the right hand

    • Possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Moderate thenar atrophy visible on the right hand in comparison with the opposite side.



  • Length of time that symptomatology has been present and has been affecting the patient throughout the day.

  • Measures previously taken to prevent symptoms (e.g., splinting, positioning, avoidance of activities).

  • Pertinent symptoms consistent with nerve compression

    • Nocturnal pain, numbness, tingling in the thumb and one or more radial fingers.

    • Daytime paresthesias elicited with activities involving prolonged wrist flexion and/or extension.

    • Need for shaking and wringing the hands to alleviate symptoms.

    • Gritty sensation or numbness in fingers, grip and pinch weakness, diminished finger dexterity with a history of dropping objects.

    • Cold intolerance, dryness, and unusual textures in the radial digits.

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