Radix Reduction

Chapter 17. Radix Reduction

Images Patients with excessive anterior protrusion of the nasal bones in the area of the nasion are candidates for reduction of the radix (Figure 17-1).


Figure 17-1. High radix and its correction.

Images Markings: No specific markings are required; however, a rough estimate of the amount of reduction required should be decided.

Images Approach: A variety of incisions may be used to approach the radix. Via an open approach, the radix may be accessed via a columellar incision and standard dissection over the lower lateral cartilages and dorsum. Using a closed technique, an intranasal intercartilaginous incision extended along the caudal aspect of the cartilaginous septum may be used to expose the dorsum.

Images Technique: Dissection proceeds along the dorsal mid-line with a scissors. At the level of the nasal bones, a Freer or key elevator may be used to dissect in a subperiosteal plane. The bony prominence at the nasofrontal angle may then be reduced using a variety of rasps or, if available, a guarded burr, which is exposed only at its inferior, cutting aspect1 (Figure 17-2

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