Tissue Expansion in Forehead and Scalp Reconstruction

Tissue Expansion in Forehead and Scalp Reconstruction


The skin of the forehead and scalp differs considerably in color, texture, thickness, and hair-bearing qualities from tissue elsewhere on the body. Reconstruction of defects of this area is best accomplished with the use of similar tissue. Expansion of facial and scalp tissues is a relatively painless, well-tolerated procedure that can be accomplished over a period of several months (2).

Tissue expanders are available in multiple sizes and shapes from various manufacturers; custom prostheses can be produced if necessary. All prostheses presently available require periodic percutaneous injection of saline.


Careful planning is necessary so that the tissue to be expanded is compatible in physical nature to the area where tissue is needed. All incisions should take into account previous scars or should be at the margin of the tissue to be advanced. In the scalp, the prosthesis is placed beneath the galea.

The largest prosthesis that will fit comfortably into the pocket is selected. It must be adequate enough to develop the necessary expansion without being so large as to develop folds that may precipitate extrusion.

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